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November 08, 2008


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E. Bailes

Gingrich was also a lover of, and a collector and player of, violins. He wrote "A Thousand Mornings of Music: The journal of an obsession with the violin." (Crown, New York, 1970.)

Brian Fitterman

Hi All,
My name is Brian Fitterman and I live on Long Island (NY).
I've collected OLD HS and College Yearbooks for OVER 44 Years.
I often discover FAMOUS People in these proverbial "Time Capsules",
Since 1998 I've been selling my collection on eBay. I just listed a Yearbook from the 1920's I think you might enjoy seeing. It's the Senior Year for ARNOLD GINGRICH. Here's a link for your convenience.
It's FREE to LOOK and I HOPE you'll ENJOY your visit.
If you have any questions about the book please do not hesitate to contact me for a speedy reply.
All the Best,

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