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November 25, 2010


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Philip west mallard

And the publisher of the Magazine?!! And Was Frank wellman Osburne involved- husband (2nd) of Margarita Osburn Cassino. Listed in Who's Who ca 1915

Philip west mallard


OSBORNE, Frank Wellman, editor; b. Lynn.
Mass., ApI'. 1 , 187 ; s, \\'eUman and Ellen ~L
(Holre) Osbor-ne: _".B.. Harvard, 1899: m. Margherita
O. Cal';';lJtlo. M tSnJem, Ma.s.s., Mar. '1, 191.0, Editor
or Btack Ca.t Imag.) since Dec., 1913. Club:
Oxford (Lynn). Home: 63 Federal Sf. Office : S. E.
Cassino Co" ciaJeIll_ !\lass.

OSBORNE. Mn.rgherit;a Osborn, cdl tor; b, Pe,;.
hody. ~fass.~ N(tv~ 27, 1$7:S~ d. Sa.mu.eI Rd~\"'lI (HId
1\Iel\'ina .Kin" (Osborn) Cassino; erl, PI'ahody High
Scll. and Radcliffe Coll.: m, Dana La mne r Forbes.
of Lynn. ;\lnss ... \1'1'. 25. 1899 (died Dee, 13, 19(2);
rn. 2d, Frank "i';' -ll rnan Osborne, of Lynn. lIfass ..
lIiay .7. 1n\l. g,I1lor: l']\'en'day Hou!"ekeeping,
1\10:>-11: now eflit r Litttle Folks, and Childr!'n'~
:llalta2ine. Home: Naples Rd., SaJem, :.faslii."

This appeared on Who's Who ca 1915!

Margarita Osborn [nee Cassino] Osborne was is my grandfather's [Leslie Phelps Cassino] sister! the Daughter of SamuelEdson cassino and Minerva King Osborn Cassino

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